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PANDORA'S® Custom Palettes


These magnetic palettes are designed specially to hold PANDORA'S® products, including our blushes, eyeshadows, and eye lid primer.


Here's how to create a custom palette with all of your PANDORA'S® favourites:



1.  Add either an empty 4-palette (for 4 products) or 8-palette (for 8 products) to your shopping cart.



2.  Select and add to your cart the products you want included in your palette from our selection of blush refills, eye shadow refills, or the eye lid primer refill.

3.  Complete your check out!




4.  We will custom build your palette from our inventory and ship it to you!

PANDORA'S® Palettes


PANDORA'S® Makeup Box has created custom eyeshadow palettes for every occasion!


If you don't find the palette for you, you can always create your own!  



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